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Frank's birthday is always a busy day for Alice, but this one is probably the busiest. The day started with some very energetic morning well-wishing, then work, then she had to bake and charm a cake to appear at eight, after that the boys came for a roast, and she's just finished sneaking off to Corrie for Frank's gift. With cards in hand from her father and uncle, she can't help but smile as Frank's new present bounds up to the door. He's a massive English sheepdog puppy, with the personality to match - it will be interesting to watch how he and Benedict get along.

Opening the door, Alice holds the leash a bit tighter but lets herself be dragged into the kitchen, her laughter reintroducing herself to them.*

Date: 2011-08-23 07:13 pm (UTC)
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*Keeping an eye on Neville, Frank is laughing with Gideon and Fabian and sneaking icing off the cake, which hasn't been cut yet. The baby's crawling around the floor and babbling happily to himself, and Frank's got icing all over one finger and a beer in his other hand, listening to the twins finish each other's sentences as they tell a story about a false alarm call they'd been sent on last week. He's just got to wondering where Alice has gone when she's back, and he quickly sticks his finger in his mouth to hide the evidence of icing-sneaking. Swallowing hurriedly, he turns on the spot with a ready smile for her, but then his eyes go wide, face lighting up like a child's at Christmas.*

Alice - !

Date: 2011-08-25 03:04 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] treefeller.livejournal.com
Is that--

*One doesn't spend as much time as Gideon does at the Burrow without picking up a thing or two. He moves, quickly and automatically, to scoop up Neville from underfoot (or underpaw) and gives the baby a little friendly bounce.*

Have a look, nugget. It's a furry little brother-thing.

Date: 2011-08-28 02:41 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] frankly-bamf.livejournal.com
*From ruffling the puppy's ears, Frank watches it lick Neville for a second before swiveling to face Alice again. He still hasn't stopped beaming.*

You got me a dog!


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