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CONFIDENTIAL: Clearance Level 8

CASE NO. 14240-k


To showcase the effectiveness of new legislation and wand registration, offender number 7972 has been selected by this office to be charged with the crimes of breaking public curfew and performing Dark Magic. This arrest will settle any doubts in the monitoring systems put into place, allowing them an initial success to their reputation. The selected offender must face all appropriate charges designed for those who do intend to attempt similar criminal behaviour under this new law. A motion to issue a warrant of arrest has been filed and granted by the authority of the Ministry on July 7, 1981.

Pursuant to Rule 98.75, it is ordered that the offender be taken from home into custody of the Ministry. The arrest is to take place at any time between 10pm and 6am, during the hours curfew. Once in custody, the prisoner is to be taken to interrogation room 11 for questioning. Any measures taken to increase efficiency the interview may be used at the discretion of the officers present. If the prisoner does not comply with the terms of arrest or questioning, force may be used in whatever way necessary, barring lethal action. Two vials of Substance 0991 have been ordered in advance and all methods of oral administration are authorised.

It is further ordered that this warrant be served only in the presence of the person accused, and that upon the arrest of offender 7972 the authorised officers shall return this warrant personally, showing the time, mode, and manner of arrest. No bail is to be set, and the prisoner is denied access to any methods of communication following arrest.

This document dated in London, England at the Ministry for Magic, this 26th day of May, 1981.

BARTEMIUS CROUCH SR, Minister for Magic


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