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AVIEMORE - A small town in northern Scotland saw the fifth major werewolf sighting in the past month when muggle, Ben Whaley (56), was dragged out of his rose garden. The town, with a humble population of 2000, is far larger than usual lycanthrope pickings. Perhaps more alarmingly it lays a mere stone’s throw away from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, as well as the castle’s companion village and tourist hub, Hogsmeade.

DRCMC representatives have attempted to quell fears that the gang of beasts, run by notorious murderer Fenrir Greyback, is planning a strike on the settlement.

"Hogsmeade is far south of regular werewolf territories and is well defended against any possible threats," assured Norton Procter of the Being Division, "Vacationers have nothing to fear." In an attempt to boon business and ease the anxiety of patrons, the Three Broomsticks will be hosting a free beer garden Friday through Sunday, hoping to show the United Kingdom that it’s as safe and hospitable as ever.

Grisly murder in York: Family slain
YORK - Early yesterday morning, the Dark Mark was spotted above the home of Torrance McKinnon (31) and his wife Marlene (29). Though Aurors were fast on the scene, early reports are confirming that both Mr and Mrs McKinnon, along with their two children, are dead. The attack came shortly after 2 am, with officials believing that the wards were broken and the house crept into. The body of one child was found alone in what looks to be the first of the brutal attacks that night, while the remains of the rest of the family were found together in the master bedroom. The bodies of mother, father, and son had each been severely mutilated. As of now there is no statement regarding whether the dismemberment took place before or after their deaths.

Though there is no clear motive for this attack and the amount of suffering inflicted upon the McKinnon family suggest this may have been a personal strike, all families are encouraged to redouble their protective wards and create an agreed upon escape plan in case they are targeted. If you or any family member have received threats or seen any suspicious figures in your area, please report to the proper authorities as soon as possible.
LONDON - Today the Wizengamot has entered deliberations over reviving the Vitandus spell. Once widely used across southern and central Europe, the non-violent punishment has served as a deterrent against petty criminality for centuries. Officials have confirmed that these deliberations are following reports of a coalition of hooligans who are attempting to gain ground and subvert the government. The DMLE plans to use the spell to immobilize these political instigators and ensure the continued safety of wizarding Britain.

The spell, which historians estimate originated in the early middle ages, prevents the convicted from engaging with anyone but their immediate family. Public services will be set up to assist the socially arrested with their basic needs, however their ability to speak or interact will otherwise be removed entirely. Spokesmen are optimistic that the non-lethal measure will effectively isolate and de-thorn troublemakers.


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