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*The harsh light above Healer Southwell's station in the currently empty morgue at St. Mungo's is the kind that seeks and destroys shadows. It finds the secret of every wrinkle and every pore and every wound, and lets moles and needle marks and subdermal road maps be seen, letting strong, clear light illuminate the remains of the deceased into something readable. A medical examiner can leave no place unchecked and no part to guesswork, especially now, when called in to examine this particular body.

He's here to look for answers, ones that might have been left behind, ones much more pivotal in the scheme of things than his usual diagnoses. After an initial look, he had known that some things lingered unanswered about the prisoner, but what it was and what to do about it he had had no idea. The closer to the truth he had come, the more he missed the days where he had been the Crouch's family physician and not the man responsible ofr analsying the bodies of proven murderers. Bernadette is gone, and Southwell is too observant a man to think that Crouch Sr. would want his help with that grief. All he can do to help is do his job, and tonight that is proving to be quite the puzzling task, one he isn't certain a single person should be doing alone.

When the doors open behind him, light from the hospital corridor flashes across the sides of metal slabs and cabinets. Roderick straightens and removes the tip of his glasses from his mouth, breaking away from a very intense review of Severus Snape's charts. The perfectly intact body on his table is proving to be much less straightforward than he had initially thought, housing far more questions than any young man has the right to hold. Needless to say, the familiar face of a co-worker is a welcome sight.*

Andromeda, you got my note. Thank you for clearing some time, a consult would do a world of good with this one.

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*She doesn't habitually work in the morgue. It happens - if they need verification of this curse or that after it's too late to save a patient she'll get called in sometimes. Granted it's happening more and more often now, but a request to consult on an autopsy is still unusual enough to pique her interest.

Except, she realizes when she sees the body on the table and recognizes it after a blank moment, this is not an autopsy. Cause of death won't be determined here. Slowing her steps to a halt as she reaches the table, she raises an eyebrow.*

Severus Snape. He started Hogwarts my seventh year. My cousin, Sirius, used to -

*So strange. She hasn't seen Snape in years, not since he was a scrawny, ill-washed little boy being tormented by Sirius and his friends. She remembers him sulking in the common room, all sour expressions and brooding. Such a gravely serious eleven-year-old child, hardly older then than Dora is now. And here he is ten years later, a convicted Death Eater, dead in her hospital.*

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*She laughs abruptly, a soft 'tch' as she reaches up to tie her hair back out of the way. The edges of that laugh are unmistakably chilly, sharply dismissive of Snape; the very idea of being too attached to someone like this to be able to do her job is absurd, well-meaning though she knows Roderick is.*

There isn't. I only remember because Sirius was constantly in trouble for teasing him.

*Snape had won few enough friends even among his own house, and the fact that Lucius Malfoy had liked the boy had only made the seventeen-year-old Andromeda that much less disposed toward him. And she'd known he was working here, but had had little contact with him. She won't speak ill of the dead, and a morgue patient at that, but there's no grief in her face as she turns a professionally detached gaze to the corpse. It's a struggle to keep contempt from her voice.*

I assure you, I've no reservations here. Not if he was the one responsible for what happened in May. Where would you like to begin?

Date: 2011-10-11 10:40 pm (UTC)
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*Initially she starts to dismiss it out of hand. A burn like that can come from anything, and Snape worked with potions, which would explain the trace magic if it was severe enough, or a Dark enough potion. She shrugs, and opens her mouth, but a second look at the scar gives her pause.

It's familiar, is the thing. She can't put her finger on why, or what would've caused it, but something's catching at a memory.*

...No, but I've seen this before.


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