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Mr. Potter,

The enclosed file will provide you with all the necessary information on an absentee, a Mrs. Margaret Finnigan, who has made herself unable to contact by all public channels and is wanted for questioning. The public does not need to be put in a position of alarm to know that friends or neighbours have failed to submit to the registration requirements. However, an individual who rebels against public safety must of course be assumed to have an unscrupulous agenda. Your services are needed in Ireland to remove any potential threat they cause before the matter can become out of hand and her plans acted upon. The suspect, husband, and son are to be taken into custody until her motives for refusing registration are determined and assessed. I rely on you to ensure that Mrs. Finnigan be sufficiently forthcoming enough so that she and her family may be released and her wrongdoing punished in a timely manner.

The Ministry expects its employees to maintain the integrity and reputation of their offices. This includes the actions of those associated with them. I trust your wife will learn to be less embarrassing in the future.

Mr. Bartemius Crouch, Sr.
Minister for Magic


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