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Professor Trelawney,

I'm sorry to trouble you again, but some things you mentioned in our last correspondence, and your correspondence with my grandmother, have subsequently proven a bit more accurate than I'd have liked. I wondered whether you might check up on another friend of mine, Peter Pettigrew. If you could do another for m A follow-up on me wouldn't be a bad idea either; my grandmother's bound to ask.


Remus Lupin

Date: 2011-11-14 03:58 am (UTC)
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Dear Remus,

I must say, you must have some element of the inner eye to have such insight into your friends. I do not have students during the summer, naturally; perhaps you should come and I may be able to teach you some of the ways of seeing into the mists of the future?

Regardless, you are apt to be concerned with your friend. For his self, I have cast the lovers, crossed by the queen of swords reversed. This is very curious; it appears he has a paramour, and his difficulty may be that paramour herself. The queen of swords is a worldly woman of experience and intelligence, thought--she is not to be trifled with.

In his more distant past, Justice Reversed appears. This, combined with the Seven of Swords, implies to me something of concern. Dear Remus, I do not usually take such an interest in quereants who seek the advice of my inner Eye, but if what Mona appears to imply about your activities is true, then I would be exceedingly wary of this friend’s lover. Judgement is the making of a choice, of taking sides; the Seven, in conjunction, would normally mean accepting responsibility, and avoiding the deception the Seven normally implies. With Justice reversed, however, I fear this woman may be making the wrong choice, and moving toward the deeper deception that the Seven implies.

As for his near future and the ultimate outcome--I give you the three of swords and the hanged man reversed. Simply look upon these cards and I’m sure you can understand my meaning. Three swords pierce a heart. The betrayal deepens. And the Hanged Man reversed is the traitor.

I have never, in all my days, had a reading so clear as this. Your friend--and he must be such a dear friend for you to ask for a reading!--will almost certainly be betrayed by his paramour.

As for you, my dear--it seems much the same. I laid out of the Moon, the Nine of pentacles--you rely overmuch on yourself, and are decieved by illusions--but I also drew the Knight of Swords, which is a new element for your near future. There is a man in your life, perhaps this friend Peter of yours, who is willful and strong-minded and boorish, but you should trust in his strength rather than try to temper it. Your friend will almost certainly be hurt and wild after the predicted betrayal in his reading, but trust in him! He has your best interest at heart. If nothing else, trust in this Peter friend of yours!

Glad to be of service! Please DO write if you need further advice.



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