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*The toilets are packed to the brim with women straightening out skirts and dresses and monitoring their arses in tight trousers. Lily is nearly distracted from her main mission of reapplying lipstick by an acquaintance she knew at Hogwarts. The conversation is short and shallow, complete with a false grin she has perfected over the past several months. Ramona Green, a leggy former Ravenclaw three years older than Lily, doesn't hesitate to pinch Lily's waist and marvel at the lack of baby weight.

Lily nearly laughs, nearly tells her, "You just can't see the stretch marks through this dress!" But just as she opens her mouth, Ramona pulls out a small, blue vial and holds it up to her nose. The sniff is dainty, followed by a small shudder and a smile.

"Care to?" Ramona twists the vial between her fingers.

Lily wants to say no. But she finds herself shrugging and muttering, "Just a try I guess."

Moments later, Lily leaves the toilets feeling more guilty than excited. It wasn't much, and she's not even sure she did it properly. But her nose still burns and her head feels a bit funny.

She shuffles through the crowd and spots James standing by the bar, holding her drink in his left while his own is gripped in his right.*

Have I really been away from a club for this long? Since when are drinks so bloody expensive?
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