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*Moody's house looks deserted from the street, the slats of plastic blinds all boasting a layer of grime and dust between which no light seeps out, and the murmur of voices of the ever-thinning Order are silenced by the most effective of charms. No one, no group of hoodlum kids roaming the streets and no spy sent to discover their plans, could even know anyone was at home that night. Inside, the bulbs of lamps are unscrewed under their shades and even the keyhole at the front door has been taped over – Moody has made his home a place to be forgotten, something airtight and impossible to stake out. The only way in is through his guests, and each of them is a chance he must take in times like these.

A pile of parchment is passed hand to hand around the room, updating everyone on Jones' runes; furtively taken photographs of known Death Eaters walking the streets and seen through shop windows; any (mostly fraudulent) copies of medical, financial, and criminal records that they could as a group get their hands on; and newspapers with notes scribbled in margins. Candles light Moody's face like a particularly grotesque jack-o-lantern from the coffee table, and no one comments as a tear of wax rolls down off the base of it's candlestick and turns one half of Fabian Prewett's photographic face a glossy dark grey as it seeps through the paper to mar even more deathtolls beneath the two most devastating to them.*
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