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*There is an infuriatingly frightening tactic exercised by parents the world over that has been very firmly adopted into the judicial system. Ominous and demeaning enough when it is performed by one's mother or father in the privacy of home, it is all the more formidable when the law is behind it. The Minister of Magic, a man who waits every day for his son to be found and clandestinely executed on his own orders, strikes even the layman as decidedly the right sort of parent and politician to truly maximise the effect of this particular punishment.

Several days have gone by after their famous guest's short stay in the Auror office. It is only when the busiest time of the week rolls around, after Siruis has had time to be publicly discussed and humiliated, that Crouch Sr. makes his appearance in the squad room. From the moment he enters, followed by a member of his personal staff with an untelling expression and a particularly formal looking folder in hand, it is clear what everyone had been wondering since the word got out. Sirius is indeed to be made example of.*
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