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Mr. Potter,

I have record of my instructions to you being received on 17 July, at 7am.

As of today your target Mrs. Margaret Finnigan, criminally accused by the Ministry of Magic of Trace Desertion, has no record of arrest, interview, or wand registration. The amount of damage that can be done in over a week's worth of indolence on behalf of this government is enough to put this entire country at risk. Members of the public who refuse registration will be brought in, they will be questioned, and their motives will be uncovered. Mrs. Finnigan's agenda to undermine the safety of our world makes her a threat. You will go to the suspect's home within the next 48 hours and do your job or I will assign you another name from further down our list.

Empires are not built on options. I suggest you re-evaluate your position on that matter with those closest to you.

Mr. Bartemius Crouch, Sr.
Minister for Magic


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