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*The Order presence in the Auror office has lost three strong members in less than a week. That, coupled with the grief, hatred, and revenge that's settled on the office, has completely undercut the few things Alice still loves about her work. All tolled, it suddenly it feels like there's no one to talk to anymore.

And much as she hates to admit it, Alice needs to talk. Frank won't listen or speak, and sometimes it feels like he doesn't even hear her anymore. More than anything else, that's what Alice is unknowingly grieving - the loss of her husband. It's never been him falling apart or going into quiet spells, it's never been him to lock her out, and now there's no Gideon or Fabian to ask advice.

Alice has no cases that would bring her to this bookshop, but she has to pretend. So that's what she does, as she opens the door and hopes no one but Dorcas is inside.*

Hello? Dorcas?
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