May. 25th, 2011

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Bats VS United ends in devastation

25/05/1981 - Yesterday afternoon’s match between the Ballycastle Bats and Puddlemere United was tragically cut short as a horde of Dementors descended on Bragge Stadium in Kent, causing a panicked riot. The creatures accessed the stadium through corrupted wards, interrupting the match during the second period. Officials have confirmed that at least seven people were Kissed, fifteen trampled and dozens more sustained serious injuries.

The most seriously injured is Quidditch star and Beater for the Ballycastle Bats, Finbar Quigley, who fell off his broom as Dementors streamed over the stadium walls and toward the pitch. Eyewitnesses report that he was nearly swarmed upon and would have been Kissed if it hadn’t been for the efforts of several Patronus wielding wizards and witches in the front row.

Aurors at the scene remained optimistic in spite of the grim chaos, speculating that the death toll could have been a great deal worse. The closely-knit nature of the riot prevented Dementors from singling out many victims. Though numerous people required medical attention following exposure to the creatures, the majority of those affected were able to walk away from the scene unscathed after being supplied water and cocoa.

In light of Quigley’s injuries and the ongoing attacks across the British Isles, the Ballycastle Bats have announced their resignation from the quarter-finals, feeling it is inappropriate to continue competition in the current national atmosphere. Their departure has primed the Montrose Magpies back into the running for the League Cup. As investigations into the attack continue, spokesmen from the Ministry for Magic are urging the public to strengthen wards around their homes and businesses and to be on the lookout for suspicious individuals.


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