May. 31st, 2011

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Minister evades Unforgivable

31/05/1981 – Yesterday morning saw a brutal attempt on the Minister for Magic's life. During an announcement, opened both to the public and press, a dissenter in the crowd fired what authorities now believe to be a Killing Curse at the podium. Fortunately, the Minister was able to dodge the attack and proceeded with his speech unscathed and unruffled.

The assailant, visually identified as Davey Gudgeon (26), a known muggleborn extremist, has previously lodged threats against the politician. Several months ago he caused a disruption in an upscale London restaurant, verbally assaulting the Minister and his family before being escorted out. Sources confirm the troubled young man has a record of vandalism and violent rhetoric.

In his first public appearance since the tragic death of his wife, Bartemius Crouch had sought to address concerns of rising, all-out war and the ever increasing attacks on vital infrastructure. Shortly after the incident, he issued a statement affirming that, "It's been several years since my work in the DMLE where incidents like this one must be anticipated, but upholding a government can as hazardous of work as upholding the law, I don't see that as a deterrent. I plan to make my address later this evening and expect no further disruptions."

Though Aurors present at the scene were quick to retaliate, Gudgeon had already escaped and remains at large. No injuries were reported. Officials request anyone with information to contact the DMLE immediately.


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