Jun. 22nd, 2011

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New measure promises to root out criminals

22/06/1981 – Earlier today Minister for Magic Bartemius Crouch announced a bold new plan to ensure the continued security of the British Isles. The new legislature is designed to drastically improve the screening and prevention of criminal activity. Early reports have confirmed that the plan includes the registration of every wand in wizarding Britain as well as a cap on public magic. With these new measures, the Ministry hopes to establish a wider and more complete network of monitoring systems to log and respond to any and all suspicious activity.

Spokesmen for Minister have already eased fears that the cap will inhibit law-abiding citizens, stating that magic use will not be metered, but instead limited to homes from the hours of ten in the evening to six in the morning. In addition, use of the Floo Network, apparation and portkeys during these hours requires prior clearance by a transportation officer. Officials have stated that this measure will greatly reduce magical traffic on newly established monitoring systems and better allow law-enforcement to hone in on illicit activity.

Wand registration will begin on July 5th. Pamphlets describing registration procedures and time-slots will be shipped to every magical household in the coming week.


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