Jul. 13th, 2011

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New security measure detects Death Eater

13/07/1981 – Yesterday night, a high-ranking Death Eater was apprehended in London. Severus Snape (21), a potioneering intern at St. Mungos Hospital, has now been connected to several volatile attacks, including the massacre in early May. Reports state that the suspect broke Ministry ordained curfew shortly after 12:30, bringing him to the immediate attention of the DMLE. The arrest comes on the heels of rigorous new advances to the country's surveillance systems, causing one spokesman to hail them an unprecedented success.

Such significant progress has left the Ministry confident that this case will not be an isolated incident. Already, the wand registry has assisted watchwizards in uncovering an enormous dragon egg cartel as well as tackling the seething underbelly of thievery and racketeering that has plagued Knockturn Alley for decades. With the combined efforts of all Ministry departments involved in operating this system, response time has improved by an average of 67%, promising more arrests and fewer dangerous wizards at large.

As a part of the immediate response policy to any information learned about the methods of these criminals, it has become a priority to safeguard St. Mungo’s and similarly vulnerable institutions from interior threats. All personnel within public service careers will now be asked to submit to an inquiry by the Ministry as well as a government-standard background check. These measures were not in place when Mr. Snape was employed at the hospital, and it is a step step which officials hope will help ensure the continued safety of the public.

The suspect has since suffered what officials are calling a fatal stroke and his remains have been shipped to Azkaban for disposal.


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