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*Along with the bottle there is a short note in Bella's fine hand. The parchment is creamy ivory, the faintly shimmering ink a true black, the Lestrange seal precisely centered in the emerald-green wax: in short, correspondence worthy of the name.*

Dear Sirius,

I've been too busy to write--you know why--but don't think for a second I've forgotten you. You are often in my thoughts.

I hope you and yours are well.


Date: 2011-07-20 03:51 pm (UTC)
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*Sirius recognizes the owl, of course, and it drops its package and flies out the window to perch on the windowsill of the next-door building before he can stop it. He does a solid hour of work trying to detect anything sinister in the damn thing, but for all his efforts, it's just a parcel and a note, and he has no choice but to just read it.

The bottle's a good one--really, really good--but Sirius had no qualms about chucking it unceremoniously out the window to shatter in the alley below. And the note's practically an open threat, but not anything that's going to hurt anyone on its own.

It takes almost no coaxing at all to get the smug owl back into the apartment. He flips the parchment over and scribbles a reply on the back, stuffing it into the same envelope it came in.*

Funny, I haven't thought about you at all. Thanking me for helping you enjoy the company of our dear little pudding, are you?


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