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Untold death toll shakes England

25/07/1981 - Early this morning a horde of Dementors descended on Birmingham, causing as of yet untold destruction. According to eye-witness testimony, wards surrounding the city were broken, allowing at least two-hundred wraiths into the area. The swarm of creatures targeted homes indiscriminately, squeezing through chimneys and open windows and catching their sleeping victims unprepared. A complete estimate of deaths will only be available as clean-up continues, however unverified reports have stated numbers well into the thousands.

This attack marks a long string of similar breaches in our nation’s security, which the RCMC has linked to educated lycanthropes. However, strong evidence has emerged that the violence of these beasts is being abetted by dark wizards. Authorities maintain that the scope of this incident is far beyond the capability of wand-carrying werewolves alone and caution that any dark creature, rogue or documented, is a potential threat and could harbour a direct link to Death Eater activities.

An initial investigation has certified that the wards were within government standards. "They passed their annual check in June, and it was all in working order," stated Terrance Peasegood (56), one of Birmingham's senior charm-specialists. The ward – an ordinance set up by Merton Wildsmith in 1337 - was a certified historic site and had been under the protection of both Ministry safeguards and international foundations for wizarding heritage. Mr. Peasegood went on to say "It'd be no mean feat to break through, that's for sure. Those spells have survived everything from dragons to the Goblin rebellions. It's surreal, it is."

In the wake of this grim event, many have grown concerned for the security and continued concealment of the wizarding world. In response, Ministry spokesmen are already working in close tangent with the muggle Prime Minister and there have been no known breaches within the International Statute of Secrecy at this time. In addition all major municipalities have been encouraged to engage in protective measures and introduce enhanced spell work to prevent an attack of this magnitude in the future.

Meanwhile, citizens across Britain are urged to revaluate their family emergency plans and to stay out of the Birmingham city limits, allowing for medical and investigative personnel to sweep the area and dispose of those rendered irrecoverable. It is the hope of everyone affected by this disaster that swift justice will provide closure to the city and its residents.

Section E8 of the Daily Prophet, crammed between advertisements for anti-aging potions and a new radio program for the WWN. )
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New security measure detects Death Eater

13/07/1981 – Yesterday night, a high-ranking Death Eater was apprehended in London. Severus Snape (21), a potioneering intern at St. Mungos Hospital, has now been connected to several volatile attacks, including the massacre in early May. Reports state that the suspect broke Ministry ordained curfew shortly after 12:30, bringing him to the immediate attention of the DMLE. The arrest comes on the heels of rigorous new advances to the country's surveillance systems, causing one spokesman to hail them an unprecedented success.

Such significant progress has left the Ministry confident that this case will not be an isolated incident. Already, the wand registry has assisted watchwizards in uncovering an enormous dragon egg cartel as well as tackling the seething underbelly of thievery and racketeering that has plagued Knockturn Alley for decades. With the combined efforts of all Ministry departments involved in operating this system, response time has improved by an average of 67%, promising more arrests and fewer dangerous wizards at large.

As a part of the immediate response policy to any information learned about the methods of these criminals, it has become a priority to safeguard St. Mungo’s and similarly vulnerable institutions from interior threats. All personnel within public service careers will now be asked to submit to an inquiry by the Ministry as well as a government-standard background check. These measures were not in place when Mr. Snape was employed at the hospital, and it is a step step which officials hope will help ensure the continued safety of the public.

The suspect has since suffered what officials are calling a fatal stroke and his remains have been shipped to Azkaban for disposal.
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New measure promises to root out criminals

22/06/1981 – Earlier today Minister for Magic Bartemius Crouch announced a bold new plan to ensure the continued security of the British Isles. The new legislature is designed to drastically improve the screening and prevention of criminal activity. Early reports have confirmed that the plan includes the registration of every wand in wizarding Britain as well as a cap on public magic. With these new measures, the Ministry hopes to establish a wider and more complete network of monitoring systems to log and respond to any and all suspicious activity.

Spokesmen for Minister have already eased fears that the cap will inhibit law-abiding citizens, stating that magic use will not be metered, but instead limited to homes from the hours of ten in the evening to six in the morning. In addition, use of the Floo Network, apparation and portkeys during these hours requires prior clearance by a transportation officer. Officials have stated that this measure will greatly reduce magical traffic on newly established monitoring systems and better allow law-enforcement to hone in on illicit activity.

Wand registration will begin on July 5th. Pamphlets describing registration procedures and time-slots will be shipped to every magical household in the coming week.
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Minister evades Unforgivable

31/05/1981 – Yesterday morning saw a brutal attempt on the Minister for Magic's life. During an announcement, opened both to the public and press, a dissenter in the crowd fired what authorities now believe to be a Killing Curse at the podium. Fortunately, the Minister was able to dodge the attack and proceeded with his speech unscathed and unruffled.

The assailant, visually identified as Davey Gudgeon (26), a known muggleborn extremist, has previously lodged threats against the politician. Several months ago he caused a disruption in an upscale London restaurant, verbally assaulting the Minister and his family before being escorted out. Sources confirm the troubled young man has a record of vandalism and violent rhetoric.

In his first public appearance since the tragic death of his wife, Bartemius Crouch had sought to address concerns of rising, all-out war and the ever increasing attacks on vital infrastructure. Shortly after the incident, he issued a statement affirming that, "It's been several years since my work in the DMLE where incidents like this one must be anticipated, but upholding a government can as hazardous of work as upholding the law, I don't see that as a deterrent. I plan to make my address later this evening and expect no further disruptions."

Though Aurors present at the scene were quick to retaliate, Gudgeon had already escaped and remains at large. No injuries were reported. Officials request anyone with information to contact the DMLE immediately.
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Bats VS United ends in devastation

25/05/1981 - Yesterday afternoon’s match between the Ballycastle Bats and Puddlemere United was tragically cut short as a horde of Dementors descended on Bragge Stadium in Kent, causing a panicked riot. The creatures accessed the stadium through corrupted wards, interrupting the match during the second period. Officials have confirmed that at least seven people were Kissed, fifteen trampled and dozens more sustained serious injuries.

The most seriously injured is Quidditch star and Beater for the Ballycastle Bats, Finbar Quigley, who fell off his broom as Dementors streamed over the stadium walls and toward the pitch. Eyewitnesses report that he was nearly swarmed upon and would have been Kissed if it hadn’t been for the efforts of several Patronus wielding wizards and witches in the front row.

Aurors at the scene remained optimistic in spite of the grim chaos, speculating that the death toll could have been a great deal worse. The closely-knit nature of the riot prevented Dementors from singling out many victims. Though numerous people required medical attention following exposure to the creatures, the majority of those affected were able to walk away from the scene unscathed after being supplied water and cocoa.

In light of Quigley’s injuries and the ongoing attacks across the British Isles, the Ballycastle Bats have announced their resignation from the quarter-finals, feeling it is inappropriate to continue competition in the current national atmosphere. Their departure has primed the Montrose Magpies back into the running for the League Cup. As investigations into the attack continue, spokesmen from the Ministry for Magic are urging the public to strengthen wards around their homes and businesses and to be on the lookout for suspicious individuals.
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Remembering England’s First Lady

14/05/1981 – Bernadette Crouch, wife of Bartemius Crouch, Sr. and the First Lady of wizarding Britain, passed away in her home in Brighton early yesterday evening. Her death comes as a tragic and unexpected blow following recent turmoil and civil unrest. Officials have cited her death as being the result of complications from a lifelong condition. She was 42 years old.

Bernadette was born on 17 December, 1939, in Barloz, Belgium. She lived there with her loving father until they immigrated to England, where Bernadette spent her childhood. She attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry where she was placed into Gryffindor house, awarded the academic honours of Prefect and of Head Girl, and graduated with well-deserved NEWTs at the age of 18. Berndette worked for several years with an independent community advocacy centre in South London, until retiring just before the birth of her only son to devote her time to her small but cherished family. She was a respected supporter of all officers of the Magical Law Enforcement, participating in campaigns and benefits up until the time of her death. Family and friends will remember her as a gracious, resilient woman with a deeply generous nature. She was a great source of strength to those around her and will be missed always by her family, friends, and community.

She is survived by her husband of 21 years, Minister for Magic Bartemius Crouch, Sr.; son, Bartemius Crouch, Jr.; sisters-in-law Henrietta Crouch and Madrona Crouch, as well as many dear friends. A private service and interment will be held for family members. The family ask that remembrances of Bernadette's life be directed to Walcott & Sons Funeral Home in Brighton.

Page A3 of the Daily Prophet. )
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Mass death and insurmountable damage

05/10/1981 - Yesterday afternoon St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries became the site of one of the largest scale massacres in recent wizarding history. Early estimates state that at least 200 are dead, among them patients, medical staff, and Healers. The attack began at approximately three in the afternoon, when You-Know-Who’s followers stormed the building with the help of illegal portkeys, killing everyone in their path with Dark magic and use of Inferi.

Investigators and rescue teams were shocked to discover the extent of destruction. The state of many of the victims' remains supports witness reports that their attackers directed dozens of Inferi to terrorise and murder at their instruction. Even in wards seemingly untouched by the assailants and the Dark creatures, large numbers of patients were discovered dead. Aurors are baffled by the death-toll, citing that the attack was short and fiercely challenged by civilians and a DMLE taskforce. However, no leads have yet been uncovered to explain the truly enormous loss of human life. Along with the lack of current evidence, officials suspect that potions, remedies and transfusions have been tampered with and contaminated. In response to these growing fears, all surviving medicinal supplements have been confiscated by the Ministry for in-depth testing.

Perhaps even more crippling is the loss of Healers. Fifteen Healers are confirmed dead or missing at this time. The tragic loss of staff and infrastructure could mean as large as a month-long delay in replenishing lost supplies. Such a setback could spell even further disaster for surviving patients and the sick and elderly across the British Isles.

In response to this need, apothecaries nation-wide are donating as many materials as they can spare. Griselda Shipton (97), owner of Larkwood Apothecary on Diagon Alley has all but emptied her shelves, “As soon as I heard I loaded everything I could into several crates. I don’t think anyone realizes the implications of this yet. Without [their stored potions], St. Mungo’s will collapse. My entire shop-worth couldn’t hope to supply for them for even a day.” However, spokesmen for the Minister for Magic warned that such well-meaning donations should cease, as scarcity of potion materials could mean that families will be unable to brew their own cures.

However, amidst the chaos, officials and healing professionals have been working tirelessly to ensure a hopeful recovery of assets and services. Many unharmed patients with chronic diagnosis have been transferred to several small clinics and hospice locations where they will await for St. Mungo's equipment to be rebuilt and supplies replenished. All families personally affected by the destruction will be contacted by law enforcement and support networks immediately.

The tragedy of this attack is felt by everyone, but in the wake of such loss the Minister has reminded us to remember that the Ministry has remained strong in troubling times due to the support of its people, and that it is events such as this that make for the most monumental change. "Those who seek to threaten our security have been blinded by their own destruction", said Crouch from outside the hospital last night. "It is the greatest respect to all those who have suffered and been lost and to the witches and wizards out here tonight to know that this country will survive to see the phenomenal advancements in security, law, government, and good will that have come from these ashes. Britain has been threatened, yes, but it is stronger than it has ever been."
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Dozens Kissed in yet another Dementor attack

02/07/1981 - Yesterday afternoon, England was host to yet another brutal Dementor attack - the fourth in the past few months. Birkenbaum Leisure Centre, Buckinghamshire, a popular pool and recreation hub, was infiltrated by a pack of the creatures during the mid-day rush. Early reports indicate that there have been at least twenty-four casualties, ten of those children. Though life-guards attempted to drive back the monsters, the area was too vast, and the open water ultimately indefensible. Eyewitness accounts state that the Dementors hovered above the water's edge, waiting for frightened swimmers to surface for air. Several of the victims drowned in their attempt at evasion.

The leisure centre has been protected since it was built in 1920 by a series of wards hiding it from the eyes of it's muggle neighbours, protecting it against burglary and keeping admission regulated to create a safe family environment. The wards did not appear to be damaged in any way before the attack, but on further inspection it has been found that key elements of the facility's security had been timed precisely to disable themselves that afternoon. Authorities say that there is no blame to be found in the centre's safety regulations, citing obvious links to previous attacks - orchestrated by lycanthrope extremists. It is not clear at this time if the new surveillance of registered werewolves will contribute to the investigation, or if the DMLE has detected a magical signature.

Though names of the victims have not been released to the public, Brikbaum staff have extended their sincere sympathy and have allocated a portion of their profits to the affected families.
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International relations hub massacred

30/11/1980 - At approximately ten AM yesterday morning, Death Eaters stormed the International Confederation of Wizards office in London, butchering nearly everyone inside. At this time, fifty-three people are confirmed dead and three are missing - among them many prominent global citizens and members of the Wizengamot. Reports from the scene indicate that a series of wards prevented politicians from fleeing. Many were found crumpled under windows and stacked against doors in their attempts to escape.

Though immediate Auror response was impossible due to stifled communication, several courageous wizards and witches took up arms and combated the criminals from inside the building. Tragically, they were unable to prevent significant damage or capture any of those responsible. Several eye-witnesses claim You-Know-Who himself was present at the massacre. Authorities would not comment on the safety of any confidential information, although on-scene Auror’s say they have no reason to believe He-Who-Should-Not-Be-Named would have any interest in intercontinental affairs.

The Department of International Magical Cooperation fears that there could be an eminent collapse of global relations, with world-wide magical communities losing trust in England’s stability. However, many foreign emissaries feel the nation’s reputation has already been marred. Two weeks ago, three French diplomats returned to continental Europe, citing fears of increasing attacks and terroristic violence.

Despite this, the Minister for Magic, Bartemius Crouch is confident that the United Kingdom will remain safe and prosperous and that all violent groups will be swiftly and efficiently brought to justice.
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New restrictions regulate lycanthrope population

19/11/1980 - Early yesterday morning, Minister for Magic Bartemius Crouch held a press conference announcing radical reforms to the werewolf registry. The reforms, which will take effect in the coming month, were passed in response to growing violence among the werewolf community. Lawmakers hope the strict new measures will stymie further chaos in our already unstable times and prevent the reported alliance forming between lycanthropes and Dementors from progressing.

In a statement to the press, Bartemius Crouch asserted that,
The affliction of lycanthropy has been the cause of many injuries, many concerns, and far too many lives lost. These tragedies are unacceptable to me as a citizen, as your Minister, and as a father and husband. Every witch and wizard deserves the protection of this Ministry from all dangers that threaten our security. I assured you all upon my inauguration that no problem would be underestimated or it's importance overlooked, and no amount of opposition can challenge a man of his word. The condition of the men and women who have been affected is harmful to themselves, their neighbours, the brave members of our law enforcement whose work triples every full moon, and, in some extreme cases, to the security of the United Kingdom. This legislation has been put in place to protect this country, across every city and every community, from these potentially dangerous citizens. These steps have been designed to increase our ability to prevent and respond to Dark Creature related crime.

In addition to significant improvements in the handling of the registry, the new laws will make it necessary for werewolves to inform employers of their status and will include a revolutionary modification of the trace, which will be applied to lycanthropes throughout the United Kingdom. With these new deterrents come harsher consequences for infected criminals - minor offences, at the Wizengamot's discretion - could now lead to the destruction of a werewolf's wand.

It is expected these long awaited reforms will root out criminal activity and the unauthorized use of magic by dark creatures. The full text of the bill is expected to be released to the public shortly.
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Auror's discover magical signature

02/11/1980 – Startling new evidence has emerged from Wither's Museum of Natural Magical History, the scene of the third mass Dementor attack in Britain within a matter of months. The DMLE has released a comprehensive report of the event, confirming a faint magical signature was detected suppressing the museum's protective wards. Thorough analysis of the signature has been inconclusive, but Aurors now have proof that the attack was enabled by a human and assert that they are looking for a formally educated and capable wizard who is below the age of thirty.

Aurors have not been able to confirm if this unknown wizard was present during the actual crime, however what is known is that Wither's Museum was strategically left open to Dementors. The wraiths managed to hide themselves among an exhibit of their own kind for approximately an hour after the Museum's opening before assailing members of a guided tour. A large group of German tourists, visiting the country for a business conference, took the brunt of the attack. Two have been confirmed Kissed, and many more have suffered deep trauma. In light of these events, the International Confederation of Wizards has proposed discouraging travellers from visiting the United Kingdom until the situation has been amended, prompting outcry from Ministry officials.

The report has also postulated that these events may be an instance of werewolf-initiated violence. This September Diagon Alley was the sight of a similar crime and a werewolf, Joseph Kimball, was eventually found guilty and terminated. Kimball, however, was linked to a larger network of extremist lycanthropes, igniting fears that werewolf packs have struck an agreement with newly defected Dementors. This has caused a renewed fervour within the Wizengamot to approve a radical new proposal which would put stricter regulations on werewolves. The reforms, headed by Julius Keene, a Second Order of Merlin and a Wizengamot member, are an effort to curb lycanthrope infections and finally bring high-profile monsters, such a Fenrir Greyback, to justice.
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Savage murder tied to rogue beasts

26/09/1980 – Yesterday, a dismembered limb was recovered outside of the small town of Langholm, Scotland. Aurors have confirmed the gruesome find is the result of a werewolf attack, the marks on the appendage matching those of a transformed lycanthrope. It has been further determined that the leg, that of a young woman, was severed with such brutality that the victim could not have survived.

No clothing or additional body parts have been recovered; however, officials have tentatively linked the body to the recent disappearance of Clover Lovegood, a Healer employed at St. Mungos. Mrs. Lovegood has neither reported to work nor been in contact with friends or family for several weeks.

Aurors fear the young woman was kidnapped and exposed to prolonged trauma, as bruising on the leg indicates, before finally being killed – possibly in rebuttal to the conviction of Joseph Kimball several days prior. Kimball had been sentenced in the deaths of five wizards after allowing Dementors access to Diagon Alley. Due to his werewolf status, he had been deemed unfit for Azkaban and was promptly disposed of by the DRCMC.

The rising threat of lycanthropes is being treated with the utmost urgency by lawmakers. In light of recent events, Julius Keene, a member of the Wizengamot, has put in motion a new bill. If passed, the regulation of lycanthropes could face serious reform. Keene has insisted that it is in the best interests of the general public to, “make the afflicted among us more easily identifiable and strictly governed.”

A decision on the new law will be made in the coming weeks.
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Werewolf found responsible

20/09/1980 – Early yesterday morning at least a dozen Dementors gained access to Diagon Alley, catching the first wave of the morning rush. The creatures were held at bay and eventually forced to retreat by several skilled witches and wizards, without whom the death toll could have been devastating. However, despite these valiant efforts, five casualties have been reported. Additionally, at least three people required treatment at St. Mungos and many more had to be attended to on-site by mediwizards. The identities of the victims are being withheld from print at this time.

Officials have confirmed that the Dementors could not have gotten inside the shopping district on their own. Complex safeguards protect the majority of wizarding territory from all class-five magical creatures. However, early investigation has determined Diagon Alley’s protective charms were crudely bypassed, clearly indicating wand-based treachery.

Remarkably, however, an arrest has already been made. The attack has been linked to a werewolf transient who recently found part-time work in the area. He was found fleeing the scene an hour after the danger had abated and was brought in for questioning. Aurors have no doubt they have caught the perpetrator.

The werewolf in question, forty-two year old Joseph Kimball – though he has self-styled himself as “Balder” – allegedly has connections with infamous cannibal and fugitive Fenrir Greyback. Though Mr. Kimball refuses to speak on his motives, a representative for the DRCMC has speculated that lycanthrope packs have struck up alliances with other dark creatures and are working with them to break down Ministry defences. With the majority of registered werewolves in Britain wand-carriers, officials fear this incident will not remain isolated.

In spite of this tragic occurrence, spokesman for Bartemius Crouch urge the public not to panic and that all the necessary, significant measures will be taken to prevent further breaches of protective wards.

Page C7 of the Daily Prophet. )
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Muggle village decimated by wraith army

01/08/1980 - Three days after Dementors descended upon the small muggle village of Rothbury, Northumberland, Ministry officials are still scrambling to make sense of the devastation. The town of little under two-thousand found the majority of its residents in an incurable vegetative state on the morning of July 30th. Clean up of Rothbury has since commenced and Obliviators and muggle liaisons are hard at work to disguise the massacre from the non-magical community.

It is unclear why Rothbury was targeted or what prompted the sudden rebellion. However, early reports are indicating that the creatures have indeed joined You-Know-Who and are now effectively out of Ministry jurisdiction. Dementors have held contracts with the British Ministry since 1811 and have long refrained from feeding upon the general public. Prior to Rothbury's destruction there had been no overt signs of unrest among the Dementor population. The attacks have prompted desperate attempts by representatives for the RCMC to initiate negotiations, yet, without any inter-species hierarchy, there are no guarantees any progress will be reached.

While the implications of rogue Dementors are unspeakable, spokesmen for the Minister of Magic have assured the public there is no need to panic. Safety manuals on how the average witch or wizard can protect their homes and families will be provided free of charge in the coming weeks to every magical household.

The living remains of muggles destroyed in the attack have been shipped to St. Mungo's for disposal.
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Britain mourns, Aurors still at a loss

26/06/1980 – Yesterday afternoon memorial services for Albus Dumbledore closed as, after more than a week of extensive investigation, the late Headmaster was laid to rest. Several hundred witches and wizards from all over Britain and the world attended the service, but the Ministry does not yet have answers for the wizarding community. Aurors have been working tirelessly to uncover the events surrounding the death of this celebrated educator, yet a week after the beloved wizard was discovered dead in his office by faculty, there is still no resolution in sight.

A spokesman for the Department of Magical Law Enforcement has confirmed that Dumbledore had been discovered slumped at his desk, and that no indication of trauma, illness or dark magic had been detected. Further examination of his remains has revealed no new leads on a cause of death and further enquiry has come to a close with all potential avenues exhausted.

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