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Dear Minister Crouch,

I hope this memo finds you well.

As you know, I became the head of the Being division relatively recently. My years of experience dictated that I ease through changes gradually, so as not to introduce a rough transition for the witches and wizards under my supervision and slow down the work of the department. However, after further review, and careful following of the recent unsolved attacks perpetrated by magical beings, it's my opinion that the department has been poorly, even incompetently run and is in need of serious top-down reorganization. The reasons for this are too numerous to individually list, but in summation, the problems are with methodology, personnel, and reach.

Firstly, the recent methodology of this department has been palliative rather than preventative: the status quo seems to be supporting dangerous magical beings with costly social programs and cleaning up after their messes as opposed to actively policing them—a wasteful and belated approach, Minister, that won't save lives.

Secondly, the training of the witches and wizards under my supervision has been hopelessly uneven: On the one hand, most possess a bureaucratic skillset, liaising with beings in an above-board and support-based sense. On the other hand, the capture and control skills at my disposal are limited and myopic. The Werewolf Capture office, for instance, seems to focus only capturing transformed werewolves—they've little experience beyond such ludicrous measures as setting traps and seem to ignore the problem of feral werewolves for 29 days out of the month. I needn't tell you how inefficient that is. The only other Ministry cover we have for the lycanthrope population is Werewolf Support Services, which (besides maintaining the Registry) spends an inordinate amount of Ministry funds essentially making werewolves more comfortable.

I am an expert on werewolves—as the popularity and efficacy of the legislation I spearheaded will attest—and this is not only wasteful, but sadly lacking. Werewolf Support Services is a toothless office and Werewolf Capture is a stopgap measure. Between them, there is no dedicated unit in place for actively hunting dangerous werewolves. A werewolf isn't simply a Dark creature: he's also, for the majority of the time, a Dark wizard, and I need trained individuals capable of hunting and tracking down Dark wizards. Attached to this memo is a formal request for a loan of Aurors to create a dedicated task force to find and eliminate the werewolf, or more likely werewolves, that have been setting Dementors on our public, and to investigate any possible link they may have to the ferals in Scotland. These Aurors can collaborate with some of my Registry wizards to formulate a united approach to the problem.

Third, and last, I've found that the Being division lacks the necessary powers to effectively reorganize, or to indeed be effective in the long run. Dementors and werewolves, to say nothing of the other creatures under our purview, are a deadly and growing threat to our public—this is unprecedented, and it is perhaps the time for bold and unprecedented measures. I look forward to meeting with you in person at your convenience to discuss potential expanded powers for this division and the wizards under my supervision.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Dolores J. Umbridge

Head of the Department for Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, Being division


Date: 2011-03-03 12:28 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] notquitefacist.livejournal.com
To: Ms. Dolores Umbridge,

After reviewing your observations about the state of the Being Division, I am sure you will be appreciative to find out that the issues you have keenly noticed from the vantage point of your new position have been in my sights for quite some time now. The reform of the laws and procedures concerning Dark Creatures is, of course, a timely endeavour in order to ensure everything is done faultlessly and in accordance with jurisprudence. The incompetency you reference is largely due to the ongoing adjustment to this road to a safer and more smoothly run Britain.

The control of lycanthropic citizens is something the Werewolf Support Services and our current unit for offender apprehension cannot fully achieve as of now, and as such those units and their instructions are open to reform when more efficient proposals are made. Until such a time that this rapidly growing threat can be dealt with in more effective means, their services are yours to direct so that we can use them to the best of their functionality. Bold measures must be made, but the laws this Ministry was built on were put in place for a reason and have held us through centuries of success, and accurate reform to suit the current climate must be done with respect to our country's history.

That being said, your requests to help execute these contemporary policy changes within your Department are in line with my own proposals. The Werewolf Capture unit has had a liaison with the Auror Department since it's inception, but an integrated approach is precisely the type of forward thinking that will take Dark Creature control into it's next stage.

I am prepared to sign off on your request for a temporary loan of Aurors assigned to helping your Department to investigate this feral group of werewolves and to give your men better insight into the suspects they are working with. The approval will be forwarded to Amelia Bones, on the condition that the men on loan are to be first and foremost loyal to their work within their Squad. In times such as these, all Aurors must be available for emergencies at any time, and in the event of conflicting situations the Aurors are to be notified immediately and respond to orders from Rufus Scrimgeour while the Werewolf Capture unit continues with their jobs until such time the Aurors can return.

See Rufus Scrimgeour for a list of Aurors best suited for working with the Capture unit, and let me offer you my personal congratulations on your recent promotion. I see from your dedication to getting these matters reconsidered that it was a decision well made.

Mr. Bartemius Crouch, Sr.
Minister for Magic


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