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Untold death toll shakes England

25/07/1981 - Early this morning a horde of Dementors descended on Birmingham, causing as of yet untold destruction. According to eye-witness testimony, wards surrounding the city were broken, allowing at least two-hundred wraiths into the area. The swarm of creatures targeted homes indiscriminately, squeezing through chimneys and open windows and catching their sleeping victims unprepared. A complete estimate of deaths will only be available as clean-up continues, however unverified reports have stated numbers well into the thousands.

This attack marks a long string of similar breaches in our nation’s security, which the RCMC has linked to educated lycanthropes. However, strong evidence has emerged that the violence of these beasts is being abetted by dark wizards. Authorities maintain that the scope of this incident is far beyond the capability of wand-carrying werewolves alone and caution that any dark creature, rogue or documented, is a potential threat and could harbour a direct link to Death Eater activities.

An initial investigation has certified that the wards were within government standards. "They passed their annual check in June, and it was all in working order," stated Terrance Peasegood (56), one of Birmingham's senior charm-specialists. The ward – an ordinance set up by Merton Wildsmith in 1337 - was a certified historic site and had been under the protection of both Ministry safeguards and international foundations for wizarding heritage. Mr. Peasegood went on to say "It'd be no mean feat to break through, that's for sure. Those spells have survived everything from dragons to the Goblin rebellions. It's surreal, it is."

In the wake of this grim event, many have grown concerned for the security and continued concealment of the wizarding world. In response, Ministry spokesmen are already working in close tangent with the muggle Prime Minister and there have been no known breaches within the International Statute of Secrecy at this time. In addition all major municipalities have been encouraged to engage in protective measures and introduce enhanced spell work to prevent an attack of this magnitude in the future.

Meanwhile, citizens across Britain are urged to revaluate their family emergency plans and to stay out of the Birmingham city limits, allowing for medical and investigative personnel to sweep the area and dispose of those rendered irrecoverable. It is the hope of everyone affected by this disaster that swift justice will provide closure to the city and its residents.

Section E8 of the Daily Prophet, crammed between advertisements for anti-aging potions and a new radio program for the WWN. )


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