May. 10th, 2011

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Mass death and insurmountable damage

05/10/1981 - Yesterday afternoon St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries became the site of one of the largest scale massacres in recent wizarding history. Early estimates state that at least 200 are dead, among them patients, medical staff, and Healers. The attack began at approximately three in the afternoon, when You-Know-Who’s followers stormed the building with the help of illegal portkeys, killing everyone in their path with Dark magic and use of Inferi.

Investigators and rescue teams were shocked to discover the extent of destruction. The state of many of the victims' remains supports witness reports that their attackers directed dozens of Inferi to terrorise and murder at their instruction. Even in wards seemingly untouched by the assailants and the Dark creatures, large numbers of patients were discovered dead. Aurors are baffled by the death-toll, citing that the attack was short and fiercely challenged by civilians and a DMLE taskforce. However, no leads have yet been uncovered to explain the truly enormous loss of human life. Along with the lack of current evidence, officials suspect that potions, remedies and transfusions have been tampered with and contaminated. In response to these growing fears, all surviving medicinal supplements have been confiscated by the Ministry for in-depth testing.

Perhaps even more crippling is the loss of Healers. Fifteen Healers are confirmed dead or missing at this time. The tragic loss of staff and infrastructure could mean as large as a month-long delay in replenishing lost supplies. Such a setback could spell even further disaster for surviving patients and the sick and elderly across the British Isles.

In response to this need, apothecaries nation-wide are donating as many materials as they can spare. Griselda Shipton (97), owner of Larkwood Apothecary on Diagon Alley has all but emptied her shelves, “As soon as I heard I loaded everything I could into several crates. I don’t think anyone realizes the implications of this yet. Without [their stored potions], St. Mungo’s will collapse. My entire shop-worth couldn’t hope to supply for them for even a day.” However, spokesmen for the Minister for Magic warned that such well-meaning donations should cease, as scarcity of potion materials could mean that families will be unable to brew their own cures.

However, amidst the chaos, officials and healing professionals have been working tirelessly to ensure a hopeful recovery of assets and services. Many unharmed patients with chronic diagnosis have been transferred to several small clinics and hospice locations where they will await for St. Mungo's equipment to be rebuilt and supplies replenished. All families personally affected by the destruction will be contacted by law enforcement and support networks immediately.

The tragedy of this attack is felt by everyone, but in the wake of such loss the Minister has reminded us to remember that the Ministry has remained strong in troubling times due to the support of its people, and that it is events such as this that make for the most monumental change. "Those who seek to threaten our security have been blinded by their own destruction", said Crouch from outside the hospital last night. "It is the greatest respect to all those who have suffered and been lost and to the witches and wizards out here tonight to know that this country will survive to see the phenomenal advancements in security, law, government, and good will that have come from these ashes. Britain has been threatened, yes, but it is stronger than it has ever been."


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